Lunch with China Rose sprouts

Most sprouts are washed before they are packaged, but we recommend you rinse them before use.
Sprouts are delicious in salads, on a healthy sandwich, on bread with a slice of cheese or tomato, in stir-fry dishes, as a garnish or simply as a vegetable! Tasty and quick to prepare.
With a bowl of sprouts you can turn any dish into a party.


French bread or a fresh bread of your choice

Sprout type: China Rose
1 ball of mozzarella
Hummus pumpkin
(or other desired flavour)

The preparation speaks for itself. Take a slice of whole-wheat bread and spread a generous layer of hummus on your sandwich.
Now slice your egg and spread it on your bread. Now it's time for the pesto! Spread the pesto with a knife on your bread.
Now comes the icing on the cake... it's time for the sprouts! Sprinkle a generous amount of China Rose over your bread.

China Rose is a green-purple radish sprout. A special sprout, because it is the only one in two colours. The sprout is not only beautiful to look at, but also delicious to taste. The flavour can best be described as nice and spicy, but it tastes just a little bit better than the ordinary radish.
Different from the (yellow) radish sprouts related to China Rose.