Roll with pea asparagus sprouts

These delicious rolls are a must on your snack plate. Not only do they look very cosy, but they are also very healthy! Don't let the small size of the sprouts fool you: the asparagus sprouts taste like the fully-grown golden superheroes we love.



12 breadsticks
handful of pea shoot sprouts
6 slices of serrano ham, halved
1 packet of boursin with
garlic and herbs

Rub half of the breadstick thinly with Boursin. Place the pea shoots on the slice of serrano ham.
Wrap with half a slice of serrano ham or other
Italian ham of your choice together with the sprouts.
Put in a glass and nibble away. Immediately after
Serve the soup stems in the same way as they are served, otherwise they will become soft.

* TIP: Is the sprout too long? Cut or trim the sprout a little. For this snack, it is very nice if the sprout sticks out playfully!

The pea shoot is a beautiful, white and long sprout. The taste is close to asparagus. The sprouts are also very healthy and rich in fibre.
Suitable as a garnish, in salads, snacks and in a wrap.