Baguette with egg, pepper and radish sprouts

Do you need inspiration for an Easter dish? Then this colourful dish is super fun to make!
The sprouts will not disappoint. Apart from having the ideal yellow Easter colour, they really add something to your meal. With their delicious slightly spicy radish flavour, they give your sandwich just the bite it needs.


1 pepper
1 hand spinach
ham piece
1 bake-off baguette
4 eggs
Radish sprouts

Cut a piece from the top of the baguette and then hollow it out. Make sure it is empty enough to hold the filling, but that the bottom is not too thin so that it breaks.
Cut the paprika and spinach into pieces and put them in the baguette. Also add the ham pieces.
Now it is time for the eggs. Carefully open them above the baguette so that they fall in just right.
Now put the baguette in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 degrees until the eggs are cooked and the baguette is coloured. Serve the sprouts on the baguette and you're done!

Most people know it; radishes. These yellow radish sprouts have the well-known, pungent radish flavour. Besides the radish taste, they are super healthy and rich in vitamin C.
They taste delicious in salads, with meat dishes, or as in this dish, on or in a sandwich!